Måned: mars 2014

a short movie from beijing

I’ve finally started going through what I filmed in Beijing, and I’m trying to make some movies out of it. It’s 2 and a half year since I was there, so yeah, finally. Here is the first one. It’s just me filming as I’m walking around one day. Paul was at school, and I decided to do something on my own for a change.

I take the subway to one of the most popular shopping streets in Beijing. I choose to just keep the sound as it is, so you can see what it look and sound like. Only missing the smell! (Sorry for all the noises the camera makes. I recommend not using headphones when watching this…)

Hope you like it, even though nothing really happens. I’m thinking of making some new posts from my stay in Beijing, since all those posts were deleted. What do you think? I’m planning on doing the same with my other travels! Anyway, hopefully I will have a more exciting Beijing movie up soon.