January movie

I started a small project this year. I’m going to make a video from every month! The only problem is that I’m not used to film stuff, so I keep forgetting to do it. So I don’t have that much footage from january, but I made the movie anyway. Can’t give up my project the first month! Hopefully I will get a habit of filming more, so that the other videos will be a little more… eventful.

Short or not, I think this videos will become wonderful memories to have in some years.

Week 8


And another week as flown by. I think this sums it up pretty well:


Lots of relaxing, moshi-kisses, tasty food and friends visiting. So it was a pretty boring week until the weekend when Serena and Lisa came visiting. Looks like we are starting to get better at visiting each other more often. Usually it goes months between each visit, but this time it was only 4 weeks since last time. I hope it continues like this, one of my wishes for this year was seeing my friends more. Looking good so far!

Mostly we just relaxed at home. We made sushi and cake, and did some girly stuff too! Serena put make up on me, which I almost never wear (and then it’s just a little mascara). And she straightened Lisa’s wild hair. She looked so different. And I also got a fishbone braid. We took before and after photos, like a pro! And Lisa took scary self portraits as always…


I also “finally” broke a moomin mug, after I started buying them three years ago. And off course it was one that they don’t sell anymore. So I ordered a new one from ebay right away. From now one the out-of-production mugs will be placed somewhere safe, and not used!


And since I’m always talking about the kitchen…


This is what it looks like now. Still a mess! Haven’t done much, since we are still waiting for some parts. But we scraped the wall that looked like the one we are working on in our bedroom.


Moshi says hi!


Week 7

(How silly, I thought I had posted this 3 days ago…)


My valentine dinner. Take away at home with a movie, just the way I like it. And a couple of hours later we got a free pizza from our neighbour-friend (since she got the wrong one delivered). Who said vegan food is boring…? Also had chocolate cake, which I had been craving for some weeks. So not the healthiest week, but that’s Ok. We’ve been productive instead! We’ve scraped the wall a lot. Don’t remember if I’ve ever posted a picture of this wall that I keep mentioning, so here it is:


Not much left now, and then we can paint and buy a new bed. Looking forward to having our bedroom back!


And we’ve worked a lot on the kitchen. Not much left now, so we should be done by the end of this month. *crossing my fingers* And my arms are gonna be huge after lifting all these cabinets up. My arms are so sore… This is what the kitchen look like RIGHT NOW:


Look, I’ve even painted the celling a little! Haha.


Other things that happened this week:
– I woke up with bumps covering my whole face. I’ve had an allergic reaction to something, but I don’t know what. So much fun…
– It snowed. Then it melted. Then it snowed again. And melted.
– been dancing to k-pop. Mostly 2ne1. *shakes booty*
– Moshi have been doing is cute-act a lot. Like always. Feels like I’m saying “aw, he is soooo cute!” 10 times a day.
– …ok, nothing really happened this week. Woho…


I’ve started tumbling again! (Is that a word? It should be a word.) A couple of years ago I was at tumblr A LOT, mostly posting flickr photos and scrolling through blogs for hours. Then I got bored one day. Now I’ve started again, but this time I’m mostly rebloging whatever I like. So it’s a crazy mix of pretty, inspiring and funny things. I’m probably gonna get bored again soon, but I’m having tons of fun now. Getting to the point: I want to follow more people! So if you have a tumblr, give me a link. And if you want to follow me back: overrated.tumblr.com

See you on the other side then. Happy tumbling!


(a crazy kpop mix!)

I want to show you some of the k-pop songs that I’ve listened to lately. Since I’m not really sure why I like kpop, I don’t expect anyone else to…get it? Maybe it’s the super synchronised dancing or the crazy outfits, or just the the catchy songs. Anyway, k-pop is fun, and the songs gets stuck to your brain in 1-2-3. So consider yourself warned before you listen to any of these…

Big Bang for the crazy outfits (and awesome chorus, dance dance dance!)

Girls Generation for synchronised dancing.

2ne1 for catchy songs.

And TOP for just crazy all the way through.

And some more, because it’s impossible to not keep watching more videoes when you’ve started. (Or maybe that’s just me?)

Btw, I’m no k-pop expert, so don’t kill me if I say something wrong. I’m not even sure if all of these actually is defined as k-pop, but details details…

Week 6

(“Has it been 6 weeks already?! I’m not gonna make any of my goals, am I?” – my dramatic brain)


I made sushi, which I think is the reason to why this week have been prrrrrroductive. We’ve been to Ikea (twice!) and started doing things in the kitchen. Which we originally started on in August… We’ve been living with this lovely wall for 6 months, so I’m glad things are finally starting to happen.


We’ve laid some awesome tiles, and next week we’re gonna put up the kitchen furniture. I’m excited to see how far we’ll get, and soooo looking forward to having a whole kitchen again. When everything is done I’ll show you some before and after photos – the best part with redecorating, right? While you’re waiting, here is a sneak peak of the tiles. You can’t really see it here, but it looks like they are made of wood.


First I didn’t want a white floor, but when we decided that we wanted the HYTTAN kitchen, I changed my mind. Hopefully it will look as good as it does in the catalogue. No, better!


Enough boring kitchen talk, lets talk more about sushi and look at the awesome sushi I made!


I’m so pro! No, it was actually very easy, I just looked at this video. When the kitchen is finished I’m gonna try so many crazy sushi patterns. After I get a sharper knife.


And changing subjects totally: I think I’m starting to feel a little better. Almost everyday I’m doing something productive (washing clothes, doing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, etc), and it feels super good. Even though those things aren’t the funniest activities, I’ve missed having energy to do them, to do something. Crossing my fingers that it isn’t just a good period, and that it will continue to get better. I’ve actually haven’t had one really bad day this year, I’ve just felt tired because I’ve been doing more then I’m used to. A good kind of tired, not the I-think-I’m-dying-tired that I’m more used to. Hopefully I’ll have energy to do even more stuff soon (like answering letters, ops!).

It’s been a good week. Looking forward to the next one.



Time to show photos from my weekend in Fredrikstad! The first day we celebrated Second Christmas, with a delicious meal, singstar and presents.



Next day we had a walk in the city.



I tried taking a photo of all three of us, but it ended up being a (somewhat creepy) photo of me with two blurry faces.



Then we ate a tasty dinner, relaxed a little and had a dance before it was party time.


I tried taking a photos of all of us again, but it turns out it’s even harder after drinking…surprise!


And this is the only photo I have from sunday. In other words; we didn’t do much.


On monday we walked in the forest and took some photos. Think I’ll save the “real” photos for another time!



That’s it!

Week 5


Goodbye January, hello February. Last week I did…nothing. I was pretty tired after my weekend away, so I spent everyday on the sofa. Watching anime and listening to k-pop. It’s impossible to only watch one k-pop video on youtube! You just keep clicking on one after another, and suddenly 3 hours have passed. And 3 more… When I wasn’t busy watching the computer screen, I cleaned the apartment. So I really don’t have anything to write about. I had a nice week though, it was nice to just relax.

Oh wait, I did do something! I edited a lot of the photos I shoot in Fredrikstad, and I took some new photos of Paul. I’m practising on the brenizer method, which is a lot of fun. So since I’m still getting used to the method, I haven’t taken any creative photos yet, just some simple portraits. Here are a couple of them:

fotball IMG_8256-Edit

By the way, thank you for all your comments lately! Each one makes me very happy :)

January shopping

I hate sales. Not because I don’t like getting pretty things at a small price, but because they are sooo tempting. So this month I’ve stayed away from shops almost a 100%, and the times I’ve been inside one I’ve actually managed not to buy anything. Today I read “70% on Lush, today only!”, and I wanted to run to the store, but I didn’t. Yay for me! Not that I would have spent that much money anyway , but since I’m trying to save money it’s a good idea to just not buy anything at all.

But I have bought something this month, and even though it feels completely silly to write about it, I’m doing it. I sort of makes this whole kinda-shopping-stopp feel a little more real, like I’m doing it right. Does that make any sense? Probably not, but lets pretend that it does. To make this more fun I’ve “cornified” the photos. You’re welcome.

The first thing I bought this month, this year, was a Moomin calendar. The second I pressed the ‘confirm order’ button I remembered “Oh, I’m suppose to have a shopping stop now…Ops.”. But I decided it was ok since 1. I’ve bought the same calendar the last two years, so it was sort of a ‘planned buy’. 2. Everyone need a calendar, right? 3. It’s moomin. I like to believe Moomin-things are always allowed. (No, they’re not…)


The next thing I bought was two cooking books. Or, payed for is more right to say, since I ordered them in December but didn’t get the bill before now. Not much to do with that, but since “I’m doing this right”, reasons to buy were 1. I’m eating healthier now, so cooking books that follow that diet is nice to have. I need inspiration. 2. Yes, there are recipes on the internett, but I like books. Books are cool! And I like supporting the writers, yay.


I got this thermometer-thing (don’t know the proper english word for it) since it was annoying never knowing how cold it was outside, and “is it really cold here inside, or is it just me?”. It can even tell the coldest and warmest it have been this day, and it tells time. Amazing. Also got some vacuum bags, but that’s so super boring that I didn’t take a picture. I guess you’ll survive.


There. Not that much, right? So why is my bank account, as always, almost empty now? This has always been my problem. Even if I don’t buy anything special, something else always comes up and make all my money disappear. Boo hoo! This month I got the wonderful tv license bill (which ate away 25% of my money, damn it!), then there was second christmas to celebrate, and Moshi needed new shoes and some other things. The rest have been spent on bus tickets, food, netflix and HBO, mobile bills, Moshi’s insurance, some charity donations, and we bought take away one day. I actually managed to save some money for a change, so I guess there is a little improvement, even it is a very small amount. Hopefully it will be a little bigger next month!

I don’t have that many planned things that I’m buying in February, and the ones I have are more maybe-buying. I need a new hairbrush (so boring to spend money on), a new mooncup (too much info? or don’t know what I’m talking about? ladies, look here!), and some thermal underwear (if it gets colder, which it probably will). That’s it, I think.

Wow, this ended up very long. Congratulation if you read everything!