by Wes Anderson

I’m spending too much time on the internet lately, looking at old and new things. One minute I’m looking at pretty photos and crazy cosplays on thumblr, and the next I’m on youtube looking at way too much k-pop and re-discovering videos by my favourite director.

Can’t wait until his new movie! Only a little under two months left…

week 4


I’m used to not doing much, most of the days I spend at home by doing “nothing”. So when I suddenly do a lot of things during one weekend, it feels like it has gone a month or something. Like my head gets completely confused. “What? This is the amount of things you usually do during a month (if you are lucky), so there is no way it has only been a weekend now!”. And since my memory suck I then have trouble remembering what I did before this month-long weekend. Which probably means I didn’t do anything special on the beginning of week 4.


I’ve been eating yummy food (some healthy, some not so healthy) and watching a lot of series. I’m happy Girls have started again, and I’ve started rewatching Attack on Titan. And it’s been snowing a lot, which reminds me that I forgot to show you Moshi’s new shoes (that he won’t use) and winter clothes. He looks so funny!


On Wednesday I walked a lot. Down to the libraby and post office, and some stores between there. It always feels so good when I have the energy to do that, moving my body and be outside in the fresh air. I wish I could do it every day. Taking Moshi for short walks isn’t quite the same, but it’s still an improvement from before we got him, when I could spend days without leaving the apartment. (It’s kinda good to not have that choice anymore, and that I actually have the energy to take him out). Anyway, I ended up walking 3-4 km in the snow and woke up super sore the next day.


That day Paul and I went to Oslo, were we had dinner from Loving Hut (yey, Oslo finally got a 100% vegan place again!) with Lisa, before we all went to the cinema to see The Book Thief, which we all liked. And the next day, Friday, I met Lisa again and traveled with her to Serena in Fredrikstad. We three met at the Folk High School I went to, and since then they have been my best friends. BFF, oh yeah!

IMG_8255IMG_8277 IMG_8320

We celebrated Christmas (on the 24th actually, which was a very nice coincidence!) with presents, nut roast, and lots of Singstar. On saturday we went to a party where I got (a little) drunk for the first time in two years, if not more. Why do people have to play so crazy loud music on parties? I understand if it’s dancing involved, but when everyone is just sitting and (trying to) talk, what’s the point? After I got sick I’ve gotten very sensitive to noises, so we ended up spending most of the party in a bedroom on a strangers bed, away from the noise, talking and laughing and crying and taking silly photos. Everything that comes with a party, right? The next day we did nothing! Just stayed in the sofa all day playing playstation. We actually managed to complete the last Devil May Cry game. And we sang a lot on Singstar. Wow, my singing voice is bad. I knew it wasn’t good, but wow… I’m never singing again, not even when I’m alone! But if you need a tip on how to laugh a lot: sing a difficult song with a friend, and then listen to the playback. You will probably have trouble breathing. “Dog days are over” is a good one!


We stayed there to Monday (which is tecnicly ‘week 5’, but who cares!), and spent the last day taking a walk in the forest and having a mini spontaneous photoshoot. Then we had some treats and more Singstar before we took the bus home. Best weekend in a looong time!

Second Christmas


Today I’m travelling with Lisa (who made that funny photo!) to Serena, and we are going to have the best weekend ever. We didn’t have time to see each other before Christmas, so we’re having our little Christmas celebration now. Better late then never, right? One year we didn’t get to do it before after easter, so we are getting better! Looking forward to 4 days with eating nut roast and being lazy with singstar.

Shopping guidelines for 2014


Last year I tried having shopping stops, but it never worked in the long run. And it wasn’t very convenient when there was a lot of things we actually needed, and the line between “this is allowed to buy” and “this is not” became very blurry after a while. So this year I’m trying to just have some rules instead of some sort of shopping stop. Here they are:

+ Try to only buy things I really need. Which I’m mostly good at, but I have to stop buying crazy amounts of notebooks and other stationary stuff. “I can use it for my pen pal letters!” is not a good excuse to buy something, especially since I already have so much pen pal stuff…

+ I can’t buy things that aren’t planned. No spontaneous shopping! If I find out I need something, I have to plan it the month before and make a “shopping list”. So if I want to buy anything in February, I have to plan it now in January.

+ I really shouldn’t be buying clothes. Will try my hardest to resist.

+ Things for Moshi is of course an exception. Can’t really say “oh, your jacket got ruined? Well, can’t buy a new one before next months, so I hope you are ready to freeze!”.

+ Gift’s are also an exception.

+ Things that glitter are not an exception. No, not even glittery nail polish.

Ok, so not that many guidelines really. Maybe I will add some more later on. And maybe I will force myself to make some “what I bought this month” kind of posts (I’m convinced no one will want to read that even though I love it when other blogs write them). Someone is maybe thinking “why are you doing this?”, and the answer is very simple: to save money, and to become extra aware on what I spend my money on. But mostly the first. I’m hoping to become good at saving money this year, and I’ve already started putting all my money in that glass pictured above. I need a real piggy bank, but spending money on something to save money in feels a little strange.

Week 3


I started playing on the wii again. That was a stupid idea. Now I’ve been stuck in the sofa the last 4 days playing The Last Story. This is why I don’t buy Skyrim, I would never get anything done! Things I should have done this week:

– scrape the wall a lot
– wash clothes
– find the library books that should have been returned two weeks ago. I’m starting to think Moshi ate them.
– clean the apartment. Messy, messy, messy!
– scrape the wall some more

Things I have done:

– payed some bills
– posted letters
– copied some keys (only took us a year to get it done!)
– scraped the wall one day, for maybe one hour
– watched a lot of doctor who
– played wiiiiiiiiii


Even though I’ve played wii a lot, I actually left the apartment 3 times this week, to get packages at the post office and buying stuff for Moshi at the pet store. It got so cold here that he needed little doggie shoes, and I can’t stop laughing when he “walks” in them. Looks like ha rabbit who is learning to walk. Anyway, I guess it isn’t so strange that I didn’t have much energy this week then. I think it’s better that I focus on eating healthier (I’m starting every day with a big smoothie, feels good!) then the stupid wall. It have waited one month, so it can wait another.

Besides doggie shoes I finally got Moshi a proper name tag. He tried to eat it, so I think he is happy about it.





I wanted to do one of those ‘my year through photos’-post, but then I discovered that what I mostly took photos of in 2013 were food, letters, Moshi, and our view. It would have been a very boring post, so here are a list and some random photos instead. I think 2013 will be a year that I won’t remember much from in the future. Very little happened, it feels like I spent the whole year waiting for things to happen. Hopefully that will change this year…



What did you learn?
To relax more, and take better care of myself.

Was the year how you intended?
No. I did less then I hoped, and some things that I hadn’t planned at all.

The finest thing you received this year?
A cage at the airport, filled with a four legged thing that gives me endless cuddles.


Did you do something you’d never done before?
Adopt a dog! And I started going to vegan meet ups.

Who have you been with the most?
Maybe Moshi? Since he is also home all day. He really should get a job soon…

Where have you traveled?
To London and Brussels (+Ghent) with my boyfriend. We had a very nice vacation.

What did you do on your birthday?
I went with Paul to the cinema 11 in the morning, since he was working later that day. When he got home we had thai take away. So nothing big happened, but it was still a nice day.

Best movies?
The Intoucables, About Time, and The hundred year old man who climbed out the window and disappeared.

Best books?
The Fault in Our Stars, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, and the first books in the Mistborn series.


Which day will you remember the most?
Maybe the day Moshi ate all that chewing gum so we had to rush him to the vet.

Were you happier or sader then last year?
I think both sader and happier. But maybe a little more sader?

What did you spend the most money on?
Our vacation, and Moshi.


How was your blog year?
Bleh… I think I’ve decided how I want my blog to be, so now I just need to do it.

What are you most proud of?
Slowly starting a new life style! (And Moshi, but he can’t be the answer to every question.)

Did something miss from last year that you want this year?
More time with family and friends.

What are you planning in doing different this year?
Focusing much more on my self, being creative and doing things that make me happy. All other things can wait.

If you were to describe the year with one word?


Week 2


And suddenly another week has passed. Anyone started getting anxious about not making their goals this year? Haha! I will if my next weeks will be like this one. I’ve had trouble sleeping this week, and therefor been very tired. Haven’t done much except sleeping all day and laying on the couch all evening. Extremely boring! And haven’t done any renovating, which sucks. But at least I’ve cleaned around the apartment a little, so I’ve done something. I’m trying to do at least one productive thing each day, like clean some clothes or vacuum the living room, so that the day doesn’t feel completely wasted.


On Tuesday I met Paul in Oslo, and we went to the cinema. First we saw ‘Wadjda‘, which was very good. And then we had 40 minuets before the next movie was starting, ‘Frozen’. It was at another cinema, which takes 2 min to get to with the subway. But surprise, surprise! The subway wasn’t working. So then we tried to find a buss or tram that went the same way, but for some stupid reason there wasn’t. So we had to take one tram and then change to a buss, taking a huge detour. And this took a while, so we were pretty sure we weren’t gone make it. Got so grumpy! Crossed my fingers that the commercials were extra long on this movie, but when we finally got there they said the movie had started 7 minuets ago. Nooooo! “Do you still want to see it?”. I had been looking so forward to it, and was super disappointed (damn you subway!!!), but we decided to see it anyway. Got our tickets and went into the cinema, and guess what! They were still showing the mini movie that they always have before all animated disney movies, so the actually movie hadn’t started yet. SOOOO HAPPY! And then the movie ended up being a disappointment, so yay…haha. (I liked it, but I think they could have made a lot more out of it, the story was too short and simple. And the trolls were silly.)


We “finally” got snow this week. (Or, it came, then went away after a day, and then came back. Oh weather, so exciting!) It has been so warm here the last month, it felt almost like spring. I’m not complaining, but it is very unusual and strange. Today the sun showed up too, so we went out to take some pictures of Moshi in the snow. Off course my camera decided that was the perfect time to run out of battery, so mobile photos, yay… Hopefully there will be more sunny days before the snow disappears again.

Other things that happened this week was that we did the year’s first big grocery shopping. Bought tons of fruits, so yummy! Hello healthy food, I’ve missed you! Have started making juices and smoothies again, love starting the day with one (when I finally manage to crawl out of bed).


And then today came and Lisa visited, so it was Hello pancakes. Next week I’m not gonna eat pancakes, and I’m gonna renovate! And post more than one post during the week! Yes!


Mål for 2014 (English)


I like new years resolutions, but I think most people are doing it wrong. People seem to make resolutions based on what they think they should be doing, like “eat healthy”, “Go to bed early every night”, “Exercise every week” etc. And then they end up not completing them, which only makes you feel guilty and all that. Instead, why not make resolutions that you actually want to do? Like “meet friends more often”, “visit at the animal shelter so you can pet cats”, “try a new recipe every month and invite someone for dinner”, “go to the cinema every week” etc. Make resolutions about things that you like and are fun to do. Things that you are excited about doing, instead of things you are dreading to do. Things that you know will make you happier. So don’t say “exercise more” unless you actually want to.

I make resolutions every year, or goals as I prefer to call them. But when I make them I already know that probably I won’t make them all. And thats ok, because my goals are more like “This is what I’m hoping to do this year”, instead of “This I MUST do!!!”. I found that being less strict about them is much better, because then I don’t end up feeling bad if I don’t make it. Instead I just get super excited about the ones I do make. “Yes, I did it, go me!”.

Before I tell you this year’s goals, here are the ones from last year and how it went:

Do everything I can to get healthier, and take the best care of myself. Eat healthy and rest a lot.
I have gotten better at resting and eating healthy, but could have been better (especially at the last thing). I haven’t gotten any healtier, but I haven’t gotten any worse either, so that’s good.

+ Make my apartment into a home.
It still looks like we just moved inn (if not worse than when we moved in), and I’m so tired of having half a kitchen. So frustrating!

+ Travel somewhere new. (And preferably Berlin, I’ve heard it’s like vegan heaven.)
Yes! I visited Belgium, never been there before. Berlin will have to wait.

+ Be creative as much as possible. Drawing, knitting, taking photos, sewing. Creating!
No… Messy apartment takes all my energy and inspiration.

Read 50 books and watch 100 movies that I haven’t seen before.
I read 36 book and watched 104 movies.

Stop being so stubborn.

Get my closet organised.

Develop this blog into something good.

Write lots of letters, and maybe start a letter project!
I’ve written around 50 letters, and posted almost all letter sent and received on

Maybe open an etsy shop?
No. Decided to wait until our apartment and my things are organised properly.

Spread lots of good energy and creativity.


Now. This year I decided to not make that many goals, so I can just concentrate on them, and instead have small projects on the side or something like that. We’ll see. For now, here are 4 things I hope I’ll be doing a lot of the next 12 months.

+ Make the apartment a home. If this doesn’t happen this year I will probably go crazy. So I’m making this my first priority this year, even though it isn’t really up to me what gets done when since I don’t own it. Like the kitchen, it’s not we that are renovating in, so we can’t really do much more then wait. But I will focus on the things we can do.

+ Be creative. I want to photograph, draw, write, paint, knit, sew, everything. I want to create, so that will be another big priority.

+ Eat even more healthy. I don’t think it will be any problem, since I really want to and feel super motivated. But I will take it slow, and not be as strict as before.

+ Become good at saving money, and kinda have a shopping stop. More on that later!

That’s it! Wish me luck :) Do you have any resolutions/goals/hopes for 2014?

Week 1

I’m not doing month summaries this year. My memory suck, so I always struggle with trying to remember what I actually did that month, and probably end up forgetting a whole lot. So this year I’m trying out these weekly-summaries-thingy. And instead of filling out a list I’m just gonna write what I feel like, which I’ve also missed.


I’ve had a good start on this new year. The first two days we were still in Mandal, just relaxing with good (unhealthy) food and lots of movies that I hadn’t seen before (Like ‘The Heat’, which was super funny. “You feeling ok? You look a little pale!”). 

On friday we travelled back home, and Moshi was much calmer this time. It’s a little funny, he is always dragging us to random cars and busses, and gets super excited the times he is allowed to actually go inside them. But as soon as we start driving it’s like he thinks “oh crap, what have I gotten myself into?!” and is then super tense the whole ride. You would think that he wouldn’t want to go back on a buss after that, but he does. Weirdo.


Later we watched the Sherlock season 3 premiere. Finally! And it was so good and funny. (Same with todays episode, sooo funny!)  Have you seen it? Everyone must watch it! It sucks that each season is only 3 episodes long. Whyyy?!

Next day we started on the renovation again. We are currently scraping a wall in the bedroom, which is covered in this uneven and rough plaster-thing. It was probably very cool 20 years ago, but I think it’s unpractical and looks terrible. Turns out it’s harder to get off then I thought. I tried it on another wall first, but for some stupid reason it was much easier to get off there. So now I kinda regret that I ever started on it, but it’s too late to go back now. I keep telling myself how much nicer it will look when we are finished, and that my arms are gonna get super strong. Motivation, yay!


I tried taking a picture of me covered in plaster-dust, but didn’t turn out that good… Anyway, the rest of the weekend I was busy cleaning the apartment and doing things that should have been done a while ago (like paying bills and sending the camera to get fixed. It got broken in April…). And I “made” a piggy bank, which have already gotten pretty full. Yay for saving money! Feels really good to finally do things I’ve been thinking about doing for a long time. Hope I’ll keep it up next week.



Here is a very short summary of December, the last of the year, and probably the last in a good while.

Things that happened this month:

– was at a vegan christmas-dinner-thing, and a vegan christmas festival. Vegan power, yay!
– went to the cinema, six times.
– relaxed like crazy at home in Mandal. (Watched lots of movies, saw my grandparents again, ate lots of good food.

That’s the short version of my month. Sounds like I did nothing, but it felt like I did a whole lot.

How have I been feeling:
Blerrh. Ok the first half, very tired the second half. Not that strange when I think about all the things I did.

Which movies I have seen, which I had not seen before?

– Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor (not really a movie, but since I saw it at the cinema… Anyway, it was amazing!)
– Warm Bodies (It was ok, I liked it.)
– The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Finallyyyy. And it was very good! Saw it twice.)
– The 100 year old man who climbed out of a window and disappeared (Haha, so funny!)
– The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (It was very nice.)

5 movies, which makes a total of 104. I made my goal!


What books have I read?

Books? What’s that?
No, I didn’t read anything this month. Ops! I just didn’t feel like it. So I didn’t make my goal this year either (which was reading 50 books. I only made it to 36 books). At least I did a little better than last year, when I read 33 books.

How is the renovating going?

Took a break this month, since I was too busy the first half and then not home the second.

Was it something I did not get done this months that I had planned or hoped for?
Nope! December was an amazing month. Had a wonderful christmas vacation, and many nice day before that.