New blog / Ny norsk blogg !

I’ve wanted a fresh start for a while, but since I can’t really make up my mind I decided to just make a new blog for now and se how it goes. Maybe I’ll change my mind in a day, week or month, and then I’ll be back here. Right now I just need a change, and (unfortunately for any international readers) that include the language I write inn.

Ses på Blir ikke å flytte bloglovin-følgerene mine, så dem som vil være med videre må legge til den nye bloggen.

Last week’s photos // week 12


Here are some of the photos that I’ve taken the last week. I spend my days here playing on the ipad, eating, watching doctor who, sleeping, watching movies with my mum and taking care of the fur baby.


(I’ve used a different camera than I usually do, so that’s why the pictures look a little different, if you were wondering.)

Visiting Kjersti


Here are the photos I took of Kjersti‘s apartment. I don’t think I’ve ever visited her without taking at least one photo of her place. It looks a little different every time and has new exciting things to look at, and I always feel a need to capture it.


(I tried some new colours when editing, but I’m not really sure if I like it.)

Movies seen 2013


One of my favourite things to do is watch movies. Last year I decided to write down all the movies I saw for the first time. I saw some good ones, some bad ones, and mostly just okey ones. I rediscovered my love for animated movies, and realised that I’ve become very picky when it comes to movies. I’ll watch mostly anything (except the scary ones), but it takes a lot for me to really like a move. In the end I saw 104 movies for the first time (28 of them in the cinema), and here are some of them:


1 movie that was just crazy
- Repo the Genetic Opera

2 movies for the love sick (who likes fantasy)
- Beautiful Creatures
- City of bones

3 movies with action
- Dredd
- After Earth
- Safe

4 movies that were pretty to look at
- War Horse
- Life of Pi
- Mirror Mirror
- Water for the Elephants

5 movies to make you laugh
- Red (+ Red 2)
- Easy A
- Warm Bodies
- Pitch Perfect
- We are the Millers


6 movies that was a waste of time
- Madagascar 3
- The Perfect Storm
- Cloudy with a chance of meatballs
- The Hangover part II
- On the Road
- Little Fockers

7 movies that disappointed
- A good day to die hard
- Bachelorette
- Silver Linings Playbook
- Les Miserables
- Wreck it Ralph
- After Earth
- The Wolverine

8 movies that surprised
- Rise of the Guardians
- Hotel Transylvania
- Rio
- Paycheck
- The Croods
- Monster University
- Oblivion

9 movies I want to see again
- The Intouchables
- 50/50
- The Great Gatsby
- The Odd Life of Timothy Green
- The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
- The 100 year old man who climbed out of a window and disappeared
- The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
- About Time
- The World’s End
- The Wind Rises


If you want to see the complete list, you can find it here.

Week 11

This week…
- I watched a lot of movies. And tv series.
- moshi had a play date with our neighbors dog. He told me it was both fun and a little scary (it was a big dog).
- I cleaned the apartment. Or, mostly just our bedroom. Vacuumed under the bed and everything, and now I always smile when I walk in there.
- we had lots of blue sky. It almost looks like there aren’t going to be any more snow. (But now it probably will, since I mentioned it. Sorry everyone.)

And I traveled to my other home with Moshi. It was his first train ride, which went ok. Now we are relaxing in Mandal. And I kept our new Sunday tradition going and took him for a walk in the forest. (Paul was missed!)


week 10


Oh boy, week 10… 1/5 of the year as already past. How are your goals for the year going? Anybody freaking out? My head wants to, but I’m telling it to chill down and just enjoy life. We have more important things to do than what we planned to do, right?! …anyway! This week was very calm. (I feel I say this every week?) On monday we went to the movies with Lisa and saw the Lego movie. It was fun (or should I say awesome?). And we had dinner at the over priced Nighthawk Diner. I’ve been there a couple of times before, and every time I go back I think “Why? Why did I do this? The food isn’t even that good…”. Hurray for short time memory. Maybe bloging about it makes it stick?


Other things I did this week was failing at my drawing project. I wanted to draw something every day, but I…didn’t. First I just forgot, then I thought “screw it!”.  I’ll try again this month, and then I’ll plan more ahead. I did write some letters though, and I finally sent them all! So annoying when I finish a letter, but don’t manage to send it for another week or two.


And I made sushi again. Moved out from home 4 years ago, and I still don’t have any plates to actually serve food on. So fancy… To anyone that have ever made sushi and found it super hard: it gets easier! I struggled so long with getting the rice right, and then making sushi that looked good. But once I figured it out I just got better and better, and now it doesn’t take me hours to make anymore. Yay!


I also recived my new moomin cup, to replace the one I broke. Moshi really wanted to be in the picture. With a feather on his nose. He is so weird… “You never instagram me anymore!” – he says. “Well, you never do anything besides sleeping, humping and destroying my things”-  I sob back at him before I run to the bathroom for an hour of crying.


I have proof!


I visited Kjersti this week, who I haven’t seen since last year. Her apartment was pretty as always, and she made me tasty lentil soup.

IMG_9007 IMG_9020

Another day we finally went grocery shopping. My family drove us around, so we got to buy lots of stuff which I think will keep us alive for a month if the zombie apocalypse starts now. (Who is watching the walking dead? The new episodes makes me want to scream at the tv. So exciting and nerve wrecking, it’s like self torture to watch it.)


The photo makes it look like less then what it was. We visited some new stores and found new things. We even found tempeh, which I thought they didn’t sell here, since they didn’t even know what tofu was when I asked at the other exotic store we have here in Lørenskog. “Is it a vegetable?”. Well, he wasn’t completely wrong I guess…


And I think we’ve started a new tradition. It’s probably too early to say, but we went for a walk this sunday too. Two sundays in a row, that’s just crazy! Moshi approves. The sun finally said a proper hello this weekend, and now it looks like spring has come. But I won’t be surprised if we get more snow. Almost every year it suddenly gets very warm, and everyone get all “omg, spring come now, so early, much amazing!”, and then they get super mad when – surprise surprise! – it starts snowing again. Come on people, it happens every year. Almost. (She said after just complaining about her short term memory…)


Other things that have happened lately:

- My kpop crush 2ne1 gave out a new album. Which is actually calles crush. Uh, I did not even plan that… Anyway! First I thought “neh, the old songs are better”, but after  listening to it some more I’m all “can you Cooooome back hooooooome, they love me cause I kill, dropp the base, scream, ah ah aha ah ah aha ah”. Madness.

- I started rewatching GoT season 3. New season soon, wiiii!
- I’ve quit using shampoo now, and started washing my hair with baking soda and vinegar. I’ve tried it before without much luck, but now I actually got my hair properly cleaned. Yey! Excited to see how my hair will like it.
- We’ve bough tickets for our easter holiday. Jippiiii!

instagram prints


Ops! I forgot one thing in my ‘february shopping’ post. My instagram prints! I had been thinking of trying it out for a while, so when copygram opened their shop I decided to do it. I ordered the large prints and got 36 photos, and I love them! The quality and colours is really good. Only thing I’ve noticed is that the photos get a little darker, but it’s ok. Will definitely order some more, and maybe some of their displaying solutions. A tip from me to you!


This is what the backs look like.


And a photo to show how big they are.


Moshi says hi!


Moshi loves lying in the sun, so when we finally had blue skies the other day we made this bed for him so he could enjoy it for the first time this year. Woho! Our apartment is too high up for the sun to hit the floor this time of year.


And since we’re already talking about Moshi; here is his new collar tag. It got our phone numbers on the back, so now he can run away as much as he like. (Just kidding. Don’t run away Moshi, if you do I’ll give you a bath every day for a year as punishment. Yes, he totally reads my blog.)


I’m not sure if he approves…


a short movie from beijing

I’ve finally started going through what I filmed in Beijing, and I’m trying to make some movies out of it. It’s 2 and a half year since I was there, so yeah, finally. Here is the first one. It’s just me filming as I’m walking around one day. Paul was at school, and I decided to do something on my own for a change.

I take the subway to one of the most popular shopping streets in Beijing. I choose to just keep the sound as it is, so you can see what it look and sound like. Only missing the smell! (Sorry for all the noises the camera makes. I recommend not using headphones when watching this…)

Hope you like it, even though nothing really happens. I’m thinking of making some new posts from my stay in Beijing, since all those posts were deleted. What do you think? I’m planning on doing the same with my other travels! Anyway, hopefully I will have a more exciting Beijing movie up soon.

February shopping

Another month with this shopping project has passed! First of all: yes, I bought more then I had planned to this month. But I don’t feel I’ve fasted any money, or bought something I shouldn’t. I’ve only bought things I needed or that I’ve wished for a long time, so then I think it’s ok. Especially since none of them cost that much…

Ok, moving on. I didn’t buy any thermal underwear (it wasn’t that cold), but I got the new menstrual cup and hairbrush. I’ll spare you photos of the first thing, but here is my new tangle teezer!


So, moving on to the unplanned things…


Ikea had sale on these posters, and I’ve wished for those vintage-looking-flower-posters for ever. Those other things I just thought were nice… and I needed new chocolate molds. They only cost 2 kr each (which is 0,24 euro or 0,33 dollars)- Crazy cheap! So I bought more then one and plan to give most of them away. (Yes, I found the loophole!)


When I was in Oslo with my friends I bought some things. Tea filters (which is allowed to buy, but since I was taking pictures of everything else…), a strainer (finally found one with smaller holes!), a new scarf (I had been wanting a new one for a while, and this was 50%. My other scarf is 6 years old btw.) and a sketch book (for a drawing project).


New hair colour and fancy lenses. We’re invited to a vampire birthday, so needed to start on the costumes.


I ordered two packages from Since this is food I don’t really have to post a photo of it here, but I was in the zone.


Again, since I photographed everything else… Super tasty spices!


I’ve discovered that taking photos of everything I buy is actually a very good idea. It probably seems silly, but when I start wondering where all my money have disappeared I can just go through my phone’s album. “oh, that’s where….”. Maybe I’ll actually start taking pictures of everything, even grocery shopping… but I’m not gonna post them here, so don’t worry! Anyway, there you have a tip if you also struggle with the “were did my money go?!”.

Didn’t get to save that much money this month either, since I got another huge bill. Electric bill for a year. Yay… Hoping I don’t get one in mars. But something else will probably show up, it always does. Bu-hu!